Meet the Team

Introducing the faces behind Jerry Pair Leather. Known for our uncompromising quality, sophisticated leather selection, and exceptional customer service; our team is built on the foundation of exceeding clients' expectations.

Dan Cahoon

Founder & CEO

The Man, the Myth, the Legend. We quite literally would not be here without him. If you want to represent Jerry Pair Leather in your showroom, you have to go through the boss. 

Anna Lidbom

Executive Vice President &
Director of Operations


Our fearless Jerry Pair Leather leader! Have a complex question? A one-of-a-kind leather job? Ask Anna. She's been here for over 20 years and knows everything there is to know about leather! 

Elizabeth Herndon

National Sales Manager

Elizabeth- also known as 'Ebot' for short, is our Worldwide Agent for Leather. Showing the best leather in the world, all over the world. If you want a presentation of our leathers, get with Ebot.

Jesse Ogden

Client Account Specialist

Embodying 'service with a smile,' Jesse's enthusiastic and always cheerful attitude is always here for a pick me up! Whether you need a leather quote... or just a friendly chat- you know who to call.

Jay Purnell

Client Account Specialist

Between expediating orders and handling our shipping and deliveries, Jay makes sure every thing is out of our door, and into your hands... fast!

Chris Williams

Warehouse Manager

With pristine organization, a contagious smile, and a sneaker collection that rivals our leather inventory- Chris keeps our warehouse, stock level, and memo sampling in top shape.

Amy Huang

Marketing Director

Maintaining our website and keeping our social media up-to-par, Amy is the creative brain behind our brand that keeps us young and with the trends!


Resident Pup

Our youngest and debatably cutest team member, Chester, can be found sniffing around the hides, licking our staff kitchen floors crystal clean, and occasionally sleeping on the job!