Calculating Hide Size

Leather is a natural product, and each hide is unique. These dimensions represent average hide sizes and shapes. Each and every hide is hand selected to accommodate your order. Please advise Customer Service if you require specific cut sizes.

Leather is measured by the square foot. The industry-wide conversion formula states that approximately 18 square feet of leather is equivalent to 1 linear yard of 54” wide fabric. This formula is based on full cowhides averaging 55 square feet. Due to the irregular shape of a hide, there will always be a certain amount of waste. Please make sure to account for unusable square footage in your COL requirement.

When selecting half hides or pure aniline hides, we recommend that you provide the cut sizes needed for your piece. This allows us to hand select the appropriate hides for your project. Each product's secondary image is an image of the collection's average hide size, for your reference. This image is to be used as an estimate. Actual hide size will vary.

Full Hides

Average size: 48-55 sq. ft.

Full Hide Collections: Bella Pelle, Bessie, Bullevard, Bulls Eye, Cash Cow, City Slickers, Cow Divine, Cow Tao, Dairy Queen, Desirabull, Half & Half, Haute Cowture, Hayday, Hide Park, Hoof It, Hugh Heifer, Incredibull, Irresistibull, Legendairy, Mootual Attraction, Pasture Prime, Star Grazing, Super-Cow-A-Fragilistic, Tail Blazer

Half Hides

Average Size: 20-23 sq. ft.

Half Hide Collections: Bullissimo, Heifervescent, Hide & Chic, Hide Society, Like No Udder, Moochas Gracias, Mr. Hide, In The Moo'd, Tattle Tail


Average Size: 16 sq. ft.

Shoulder Hide Collections: Amazing Graze

Center Cut

Average size: 20-30 sq. ft.

Center Cut Collections: Cattlelac, Cosmoo, Deja Moo, Milky Way, Moo La La


Average size: 18-20 sq. ft.

Suede Collections: Cowlick, Hoof Print I, II, III, IV