Cleaning and care instructions are broken down into three different groups: pure anilines, protected leathers, and nubucks. With all groups avoid placing in direct sunlight (under windows or skylights.) All materials will fade over time when placed in direct sunlight. Also, general household cleaning products are not recommended as they can break down and damage the leather’s surface. See the groupings below for more individual cleaning and care instruction.

Semi Anilines & Pure Anilines
Just like your own skin, leather must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, not just when the furniture looks “dirty.” Leather furniture should be vacuumed (with a drapery nozzle) on a weekly or biweekly basis. After furniture has been vacuumed, dampen a clean white cloth with distilled water and wipe the leather to remove any dust particles that the vacuum may have missed. You may clean spills or stains with a clean white cloth and distilled water. Wipe the area until the water turns the leather dark; allow the leather to dry before repeating the process. Do not use any type of soap or alkaline products on the leather, they may cause the leather to dry or crack.

Includes: Bella Pelle, Bessie, City Slickers, Cow Divine, Deja Moo, Haute Cowture, Heifervescent, Hide Park, Hide Society, Hoof It, Hugh Heifer, Legendairy, Moochas Gracias, Pasture Prime, Super Cow, Tattle Tail, Hide Tide

Protected Leathers
Protected leathers have a high resistance to fading, and are great for family rooms because of how easily spills clean. Protected leathers should be cleaned on a weekly or biweekly basis. Wipe leather down with clean white cloths and distilled water to remove dust and dirt. For tough stains first clean with distilled water and a clean white cloth. If stain persists then you may use a non-alkaline soap, such as Neutrogena.

Includes: Bullevard, Bulls Eye, Cattlelac, Cosmoo, Cow Tao, Dairy Queen, In the Moo’d, Milky Way, Moo La La, Mootual Attraction, Like No Udder, Desirabull, Hayday

Nubuck and Suede Leathers
Nubuck leathers will fade when exposed to direct sun. All the nubucks in this program are treated with a liquid and stain chemical. The leather should be vacuumed on a weekly or biweekly basis using the drapery nozzle only. To keep the nap on your Nubuck furniture use a nubuck cloth or suede brush and lightly brush the area. Do not use any type of soap on the nubuck leathers, this will crack and dry the leather.

Includes: Cowlick, Incredibull, Irresistibull